This program is a flexible on site location day training workshop accomodating 30 - 40 people for the same cost. An active shooter incident lasts only about 4 minutes. Only people right at the scene can decide their fate and that of others with training and action. Law enforcement is there almost every time after the incident. Their priority is to clear the building and neutralize the shooter and then look at survivors. You need to be trained during these crucial moments with the right skills to take corrective life and death decisions. We come into your facility and train you and your employees with the necessary skills of dealing with such an incident.

The basic of this training is run – hide – fight in that order. Run if you can, hide if you cannot run and when all means fail, only and only then fight for your life!

Training includes:

  • Teaching NOT to be a hero
  • Plan of action for the facility
  • Interactive presentation with drills
  • Running and evacuating the right way
  • Hiding correctly if you cannot run (concealment v/s cover). What surfaces could stop bullets which would not
  •   If running and hiding does not work, Fight for your life. We teach:
  • Weapons disarms with long and short weapons to the likes of hand guns, shot guns, AR – 15, AK’s, others
  • Different scenarios with secondary weapons, multiple shooters
  • Using tourniquets to stop, minimize bleeding in different positions. You can save your’s/someone’s life if you can stop the blood loss. Timed drills in different positions to use tourniquets
  • What to say on a 911 call
  • How to respond to law enforcement. At times if you hold the gun after disarming the attacker, there is a right way to tell law enforcement that you are not the shooter else they may shoot you by mistaken identity.
  • Ample time for Q & A.

Note: We are not trying to create ninjas here but just teaching the right skills to maximize survival. Nothing is a 100% but having a plan with necessary skills makes the difference, minimizes casualties. All trainers are certified! No real weapons used, may be included if law permits.