Training Programs

Onsite Active shooter training with a plan

Flexible, day on-site Active Shooter training in batches of 30 to 40 people nationwide given to employees of your facility. All other programs show you videos we are probably the only ones in the United States to teach you hands on training with weapons disarms. You get a plan of action for your facility in case of an Active Shooter situation. You learn run – hide – fight in the real sense, weapons (different kinds) disarms, using tourniquets, responding to law enforcement.

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Weekend/C – Suite offsite training

As per FBI data, 2017 Over 150,000 Americans over 21 years of age and over 450,000 young under the age of 18 have been kidnapped. Come with your family, friends, girl gangs, kids, elderly and train with us. These programs are designed and customized for C – Suite Executives, Families with kids, couples, Girls gang out, senior citizens defence, kids/teens programs, people travelling for work, auditors, fun travelers, weekenders. These are personal programs, no red tape, no permissions to ask! Take our private Jet or a commercial airliner whatever fits your pocket from anywhere in the United State or Canada. We completely customize the experience for you.

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Flexible self designed training

This is a completely flexible option where whether onsite or offsite training as well as the curriculum is decided by you. You may be completely flexible to learn whatever skills you may want.

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