• Charlie Strickland, former SWAT team leader

    It is very important that civilians get this type of training be it cities, hospitals, mall, wherever, if you want to protect yourself, the people that your love, you must be adamant to get this type of training.

  • Brianna Johnson, Class attendee

    “Best training ever!”

  • Edward Simpson, survivor of an active shooting incident

    “You never know when the gun is going to shoot you. Be prepared and act. I escaped with my life but many did not make it. The right kind of training would really help do good to a lot of families.”

  • Paul Morris, Air Force Veteran

    “This type of training is consistent. Even with me working in the field, you have to be prepared, you should know how to do it, you would be expected to succeed at any given moment.” 

  • Emmett Wilbur, Vietnam War Veteran

    “Such training is absolutely essential for civilians in this kind of atmosphere, where there are these incidents every now and then. Active Victim does exactly that!”

  • Dennis Truman, Vietnam War Veteran

    “Active shooting incidents are a part of life in the real world today. Normal everyday citizens must get trained to protect themselves. The world is getting tough and so should we!”

  • Renee Joy, Class Attendee

    “Love the class, such an eye opener, the hands-on training teaches you to be an ACTIVE victim instead of just a victim.”

  • Mary Brown, Class attendee

    There are numerous ways this class educated me on what to do should an active shooter become part of our environment. For me, the defense portion was perhaps the most needed and educating piece of the class. I immensely enjoyed this class!!!!” 

  • Valena Alexander, CEO

    Loved every minute of the training!! Working in an office with all woman, we do not see ourselves as Warriors, but after the training we were ready to take on the world. Not only did we gain knowledge on how to handle an Active Shooter situation we also gained the confidence that it would take to make a difference in such a situation. Looking forward to our future training with Chad and his team at Active Victim. 

  • Suzanne Weinstein, CEO

    “This was an eye-opener for us. Simple things can make a huge difference. Loved the program and every bit of it. A program well taken.”