Ron AledoSecurity Advisor

Ron is an Advisor with Active Victim. He is a Senior intelligence analyst for the CIA (ctr.). former DHS GS 15, International Security, Communications SME, Strategy, business intelligence, risk reduction, international consultant. Wrote products for the White House. Advisor to CBP Commissioner, DHS liaison to CISEN and Federal Police, International business developer for L-3 Communications. Using CIA like analysis into private sector. SME in global security, strategy, intelligence and communications. US Army Civil Affairs officer.

Former intelligence advisor for Afghan National Police in Kabul. Director of international cooperation office DHS -Mexico, coordinated intelligence and law enforcement in Mexico D.F and Ciudad Juarez. I am also a Lecturer in Intelligence analysis, business intelligence, macroeconomics, counterterrorism, international affairs and relations, and Coach for high level executives: Do you want to think like a CIA intelligence analyst?

Consultant in global affairs, investments, risk reduction and business development. International security advisor with over 20 years of experience. Fully bilingual English-Spanish. Top Secret Clearance with CI Polygraph.

Defense Intelligence Agency senior analyst (ctr), former CIA (ctr) analyst, International Business Developer, Global Security Expert, All Source Analyst, Advisor/Consultant. Masters Degree International Relations. Wrote intelligence products for the White House Intelligence Committee. Wrote briefing memos used by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano in private meetings with the President of Mexico.

Top executive leader, signed contracts for more than 2 million dollars. Served as senior editor and SME for the new US Army Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) online course, FT Huachuca. Over 20 years experience as intelligence analyst, operations officers, advisor and DHS Director of regional affairs. Former Senior Intelligence Police advisor in Kabul Afghanistan for over a year.