Active Victim Is A Comprehensive Program Intended To Help People Survive An Active Shooter Event.

Our training plan is customized to your organization’s specific needs to teach your employees what to do if an Active Shooter situation occurs.

The Active Victim program is based on three fundamental Pillars:


The Awareness phase uses presentations, videos, and lectures to educate and empower participants. We use real Active Shooter case studies to ensure a better understanding of how, where, and why past incidents occurred. This knowledge base increases awareness, one of the most important steps in staying safe and building a plan. We explain what happens before an active shooter fires the first shot to ensure a proactive strategy meant to decrease the risk of injury or death. Reaction is next—what to do right after the first shot is fired. We use Cooper’s Color Code, a four-stage code developed by Jeff Cooper, a United States Marine and firearms instructor. Cooper’s Code is used by law enforcement to teach “combat mindset” in the face of danger.

Our instructors will carefully explain each stage to help build Situational Awareness—the ability to identify, process, and comprehend what is going on during an emergency situation.


We customize a Response Strategy to your facility, including preparing the facility and training your personnel. We will set up a Response Center and a Safe Room, and create the best plan for your specific needs. The plan includes a unique coding system for communication.


When all else fails, it’s time to fight. In this phase, we train your personnel in self-defense, armed combat (as needed), and emergency first aid. Defense training helps your team understand how to fight and gives them the confidence to do so. We use a variety of scenarios that include how to set up rooms and put defense drills to use. In armed combat training, specific individuals are trained and tested by our staff, including multiple training times and rigorous qualifications required to pass. Emergency first aid prepares your team to assist in the event of an injury, such as the proper use of a tourniquet on and how to assess injuries.

Once the Three Pillars are completed, additional training is available, such as advanced firearms training and advanced self-defense. We will also set up a drilling schedule to keep training fresh, ensuring that your team is ready, no matter what or when.